Products and Services

ECO Services is the #1 provider of Sulfuric Acid Regeneration services and the #1 supplier of Merchant Virgin Sulfuric Acid in the USA. ECO Services also produces liquid Aluminum Sulfate, processes Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste with our Treatment Services business, and provides state of the art Sulfuric Acid tank cleaning technology through Industrial Field Services.

Sulfuric Acid Regeneration:

Sulfuric Acid is a key catalyst for oil refiners in the production of Alkylate, a critical high-value gasoline blending component. Once utilized in the Alkylation process, Sulfuric Acid becomes spent and needs to be regenerated back into a high-strength Sulfuric Acid. The supply of Sulfuric Acid Regeneration services is critical to the smooth operation of a refinery. With 7 production units, ECO Services has production capacity that is unrivaled in the industry and enables us to provide our customers with the Absolute Reliability of supply. Sulfuric Acid Regeneration is primarily utilized by oil refineries. ECO Services is also capable of regenerating a wide range of chemical spent acids. ECO Services can deliver Sulfuric Acid Regeneration by Rail, Truck, or Barge, please contact us if we can assist you with Sulfuric Acid Regeneration.

Virgin Sulfuric Acid:

ECO Services produces Virgin Sulfuric Acid by burning molten sulfur, this enables us to reliably produce the highest quality products demanded by the diverse industries that we serve. ECO Services produces Virgin Acid at 8 different Sulfuric Acid units, giving us the most robust production scale for Virgin Acid in the industry. We deliver Virgin Sulfuric Acid by rail, truck, or barge. ECO Services current Virgin Sulfuric Acid products include:
  • 93% Sulfuric Acid
  • 93% Lead Acid Battery Grade Sulfuric Acid
  • 98% Sulfuric Acid
  • Oleum
  • 70% Sulfuric Acid
  • 78% Sulfuric Acid
Our products are used in various industries including:
  • Industrial Chemical
  • Mining
  • Battery Production
  • Agricultural
  • Paper Production
  • Water Treatment
We would be happy to provide you with the technical specifications for our Virgin Acid products, please contact us to learn more about our Virgin Sulfuric Acid products.

Aluminum Sulfate Solution (Alum)

ECO Services produces Aluminum Sulfate by dissolving alumina tri-hydrate (ATH) into sulfuric acid and water. ECO Services produces Alum in our Dominquez, CA and Portland, OR plants. Aluminum sulfate is used by municipalities and in some industrial markets.

Major markets include:

  • Pulp and Paper mills
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Dye production
  • Lake and pond Remediation
Our alum meets or exceeds the American Water Works Association standard for Aluminum Sulfate - Liquid, Ground or Lump (AWWA B403-09). Additionally, all of our facilities are NSF certified as complying with NSF/ANSI 60 and all applicable requirements. Please contact us for additional information on Aluminum Sulfate.

Treatment Services

ECO Services offers Reliable chemical waste handling, Treatment Services. Thanks to our extensive experience in the treatment and disposal business, the ECO Services facilities can accommodate a diverse array of pumpable wastes. Most of the D, F K, P and U listed hazardous wastes can be handled. This covers:
  • Sulfur-containing wastes (disulfide oils, mercaptans, spent sulfuric acid)
  • Acid wastes (Vinyl acetate, corrosives, organic acid)
  • Waste and contaminated oils
  • High-temperature meltable solids
  • OSHA regulated wasted (acrylonitrile, benzene, formaldehyde, VCM)
  • Aqueous mixtures (lean water, API/DAFs refinery sludge, hazardous waste waters and waste treatment sludge)
  • Viscous organic wastes (tars, solvents, styrene bottoms)
  • Chlorinated wastes with high chlorine content (e.g. 85% chloride)
With in-house experience in handling complex chemical compounds with the highest safety standards, ECO Services has the ability to destroy many waste streams that might be rejected by competitive service providers. ECO Services facilities are engineered to support demanding, high-volume requirements:
  • ECO Services can accommodate rail car and tanker deliveries of waste streams
  • ECO Services has storage facilities totaling over 800,000 gallons
For additional information regarding Treatment Services, please contact us.

Industrial Field Services

ECO Services Industrial Field Services (IFS) delivers a patented method for the fluidization, removal and regeneration of valuable raw material residues that accumulate in sulfuric acid storage tanks, rail cars, and process vessels. Our innovative solution replaces a difficult maintenance problem—typically labor-intensive vessel breaching, mining in air suits, neutralization, stabilization and landfill disposal—with a safe, simple, efficient methodology. IFS provides a turn-key solution incorporating complete thermal regeneration of the spent acid residues, eliminating cradle-to-grave exposure in an environmentally-responsible manner. The IFS team’s highly experienced group of experts has a deep understanding of all aspects of Sulfuric Acid technology and Sulfuric Acid kinetics, allowing them to be the industry leader in treating Sulfuric Acid runaway reactions. IFS operates mobile caustic scrubbers and a state of the art blending system at Baton Rouge, LA in order to treat reacting and difficult to handle spent sulfuric acids. Please contact us if we can help with vessel cleaning or handling a difficult spent acid.